Securiser l'Afrique pour sécuriser le monde
 Securiser l'Afrique pour sécuriser le monde             

THE SECIE  FOUNDATION                                                               

The Foundation for the promotion of Security for African Citizens and States


Because a man's right is his right to security, every day we work for security and peace in Africa. “A safe Africa for a safe world” is our motto.




Welcome to the SECIE Foundation that works for the promotion of security for citizens and African States. We are a non-political organisation, committed to the well-being of all human beings without distinction of race, gender, religion or culture. We are deeply convinced of the equality between all world citizens and of the need for solidarity amongst nations. Our humble vocation is to promote peace and security for everybody residing in Africa and to consolidate every democratic institution that is acting for the well-being and safety of citizens in Africa.


We initiate and support the projects that contribute to the blossoming of citizens and African States.

We encourage the recognition of private individuals and their ability to feel secure so that each person can benefit fully from the right of citizenship with all the socio-economic advantages. The SECIE Foundation contributes to the promotion of a secure public space, which is the first condition for all social development.


Our prime mission towards African citizens is to promote in conjunction with African States, African and international institutions, the need to make the civil status of African countries and their citizens secure.

The SECIE Foundation has elaborated, for developing countries, a modernisation plan for a civil status that is made secure, certified, computerised, unable to be falsified, innovative and operational in perefect alignment with the least favourable environmental structures. This plan thus enables African States to have an exploitable and indispensable statistical tool for the socio-economic development of States.






The SECIE Foundation finances, in collaboration with the authorities in charge of public security, audits of public security structures. It puts at the disposal of nominated democratic authorities, the results which enable a mutualisation and a rationalisation of the financial means of the States that wish to improve public security.



The SECIE Foundation puts at the disposal of institutions in charge of security and of their guards, experienced and recognised police officers, coming from all over the world and who ensure in a voluntary capacity, in the name of the SECIE foundation, legal and theoretical training in all spheres of public security. All the training is in accordance with national legislation and is carried out in the framework of respect for international treaties regarding respect for man's rights.  




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Because a man's right is his right to security, every day we work for security and peace in Africa. “A safe Africa for a safe world” is our motto.